Woman Travels The World Taking Selfies Using Drones

Selfies may be a popular form of expression or a way to show off but they have their weaknesses. Barring some creative measures, their range is limited to a photographers arm length, and as a result put major constraints on what one photo can show off. But one woman took those creative measures to heart. Now she has some friends to give her a helping hand.

Renee Lusano has visited eight countries, and intends to take a trip to Russia at some point in the near future. But she opted out of using mere selfies as a memento of her travels; shes long since taken to using drones to not only appear in her photos, but also get a good snapshot of the areas that surround her. In the designers eyes, getting good pictures and videos of the latter is much more important than the former. Her idea is to celebrate the places she visits, even if she has to send her drones high into the sky for the perfect photo op.

Lusanos the first to admit that her dronies come with a unique set of challenges. Maintenance of the drones and even making sure they stay in one piece tends to mean she deals with broken bots on a regular basis. Thats compounded by the fact that shes a traveling woman, and has to lug her machines wherever she goes. But given the positive responses shes gotten, the effort is clearly worth it.