When In Spain: Do not forget To Visit Malaga Spain

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In addition to the main cities, if you ever check out Spain, do not overlook to visit the City of Malaga Spain. It is located in Southern Spain. Malaga is an urban area and as municipality, capital of the Province of Malaga in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia Spain. It is in reality one of the oldest cities for it is already 3,000 years around. Just like other main cities in Spain, Malaga Spain is wealthy in history, culture, artistic heritage tourism and this is where notable persons were born and raised to become great achievers in their fields.

The Kingdom of Spain holds a lot of toutist getaways for people from all walks of life. It is very rich in culture, tradition and art. And as said it is also the birthplace of famous people in their different fields. Spain’s key cities are truly exceptional.


There are numerous archaeological ruins and monuments from the Phoenician Roman, Arabic and Christian eras. It is the city’s historic center and is referred to as an “open museum” considering that it readily displays its history of over 3,000 years to everyone who checks out Malaga Spain.

At the heart of the city stretches the Walls of the Phoenician City. It is the earliest architectural ruins in the city which is viewable in the basement of the Picasso museum. You may also want to visit the Roman Theater of Malaga which is as old as 1st century BC and was just uncovered in 1951.


Memorable attractions in the city are the Cathedral and churches like the Church of Santiago Iglesia del Sagracio, the Basilica Real Sanctuario de Santa Maria de la Victoria, the Cathedral and the Episcopal palaces all showing the great building works of their builders in the various periods.

It has also numerous museums and art galleries. The most popular of which is the Museo Picasso Malaga. Other museums which a tourist may also visit here are the Museo Carmen Thyssen, Museo de Malaga, Fundacion Picasso, City Museum, Automobile Museum and the Museum of Wines.

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Yes. Malaga has demonstrated that it is not only in major or well-known cities where great people are born. They are also born in the quiet simplicity of the province. Malaga is in fact the birthplace of the well-known artist Pablo Picasso, popular poet Solomon ibn Gabriel, Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas and the great explorer Ruy Lopez de Villallobos.


Let us not fail to remember the Malaga Football Club as well. A visit to their stadium (Estadio La Rosaleda) is not to be missed out on for the soccer fanatics, and the Malaguistas, as the fans of the Malaga Football Club are called, would never forgive us this oversight. The team played their first match on the 3rd April 1904, versus a new team as well, on an impromptu playing field near Malaga city center, there were no less than 3,000 spectators, even then. They had to wait though until 1921 before they could turn up in a formal competition.

Simply put: a sporting city of beautiful beaches, old town houses, museums, great cultural annual events, religious people, and old panoramic views, you will never look back spending a day or two inside the marvelous city of Malaga Spain.