Travel Tips

Travel Tips: The Moment To Start Your Journey Is Finally There.

These travel tips make sure nothing can disturb your pleasure. Nothing will but bad travel preparations. Fortunately you are not alone in this and the checklist below will be your useful guide. In a glance you will see what you have packed and what still to do.

Of course they sell T-shirts on the French Riviera and yeah, they have ski glasses in the mountains of Vermont, but that is not really the point. Unnecessary expenditure is the last thing you want your vacation to start with.

Use the checklist and have a good and safe trip. The checklist can be used for any vacation, by car, by boat or by plane. Since there are no two persons or families alike I left some spots open so you can add your personal and special items.

Travel Tips: During The Trip

  • snacks for underway
  • pillows and blankets for the children
  • water ( to drink or refresh)
  • games
  • roadmaps/travel guide
  • paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper
  • address, phone number and directions to your destination

Travel Tips: Wardrobe

  • underwear
  • socks
  • trousers ( both formal and travel)
  • short(s)
  • T-shirts
  • dresses, blouses, skirts
  • sweaters
  • overcoat
  • raincoat
  • sportswear
  • hat or sun cap
  • gloves, shawl, warm hat
  • ski equipment
  • swimming wear
  • evening wear
  • shoes, sandals, boots, slippers and other footwear
  • pyjamas

Travel Tips: Never keep your ski’s together during the journey, mix them visibly with the ski’s of your partner, this will discourage potential thieves. 

Travel Tips: Bathroom

  • day- and night crème
  • cosmetics
  • sanitary towels
  • cotton buds
  • soap
  • bath and shower gel
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • body milk
  • sun protection
  • comb
  • deodorant
  • nail file
  • shaving gear
  • after shave

Travel Tips: Make sure there is something belonging to every traveller in every suitcase. That way if any of the suitcases ever get lost under way you still have a little something for everyone at hand.

Travel Tips: Travel Pharmacy

  •   motion sickness
  •   painkillers
  •   first aid kit
  •   insect repellent
  •   tweezers
  •   cotton buds
  •   lip balm
  •   something for the common cold
  •   your regular medication

Travel Tips: Make sure you have a prescription from your doctor with the dosage you need for any medication that you take. First of all you can get a replacement that way and secondly some countries won’t let you import some medicine unless you can prove you really, medically need them.

Travel Tips: Travel

  •   foreign money
  •   travellers cheques
  •   tickets ( don’t forget to confirm your flight back)
  •   reservations for hotel, rental car etc
  •   ID card ( EU) or passport and visa
  •   children’s ID card
  •   drivers license
  •   bank cards, credit cards, cheques
  •   useful phone numbers
  •   travel assistance phone numbers

Travel Tips: Never keep all your money or travellers cheques in one place. In the event of loss or theft you could lose it all in one go! Make copies of all important documents and keep them separate. That way you still have some proof of identity in the event of loss or theft of the original documents.

Travel Tips: Miscellaneous

  •   contact lenses
  •   rucksack
  •   beach towels
  •   photo, video
  •   mobile phone
  •   adapter for electrical appliances
  •   dictionary
  •   pocket knife
  •   sowing kit

Don’t forget:

  • put the address of your travel agency on your luggage labels. Just another way to avoid unwelcome guests at your home
  • give your holiday address to parents or friends
  • ask someone to water the plants
  • ask someone to get your mail
  • get a timer that will switch some lights on in the house from time to time just to mislead potential thieves
  • get someone to look after your pets
  • cut the gas, electricity and water but make sure the freezer and the alarm are still working

In case of damage or theft:

  • make sure you get a statement from the local police. If there is a hotel involved have the management prepare a statement as well.
  • If an airline lost or damaged your luggage ask them for the necessary paperwork
  • Keep any and all proof of things you had to buy to replace the lost or damaged property ( tickets, invoices, etc…)Don’t just throw those away.

    If you travel by car it is wise of course to have it checked by your dealer before you leave. It would be a shame if you got into car trouble because there is too little oil in the carter or a used tire. Check also if you got all necessary papers for the car: an incomplete set isn’t going to improve the mood of a policeman. As always don’t tempt faith and keep your luggage in a locked boot out of sight of thieves.

    With all these travel preparations in order I know you will have good and a safe trip.