Top 20 Travel Destinations That Were Posted On Instagram In 2015

For those on holiday, Instagram is the prime place to show off where you are.

Well, Instagram experts have revealed the most instagrammed places of 2015.

It seems the most featured place on the photo app was Disneyland in all its locations.

New York also proved a popular travel desitnation for Instagram users.

Central Park and the Empire State Building were just two of seven spots in the Big Apple posted a lot on the social media site.

It seems that in this modern day world you haven’t truly been away unless you’ve let your Instagram followers know about it.

Jeremy Jauncey, the founder of Beautiful Destinations, revealed that there are 353 million travel-related pictures posted on Instagram!

With Instagram revealing the places that featured most on their site this year, we can see where everyone is travelling to.

Taking the top spot for 2015 was Disneyland in California.

But it seems Instagram users are huge fans of Disney as five of its locations feature in the list.

It seems America is home to most of the Instagram-loved destinations…;

With the UK not featuring once!

Have you been to these dream places this year?

Here is the full top 20 list of the most Instagrammed places of the year.

There are some wonderful shots!

1. Disneyland — Anaheim, California