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From Ireland To Spain, 20 Fabulous Castles To Visit

From Ireland To Spain, 20 Fabulous Castles To Visit

Castles and palaces are the foundations of fairytales, and the castles featured here have been the settings of several films. Your fairytale vacation is waiting for you at any one of these fabulous castle destinations. From spending a night in a castle hotel to watching the Changing of the Guard near a palace, you will find that these castles can bring your fantasy vacation into reality. Steeped in history, these 20 fabulous castles were selected on the basis of availability for touring, their landscaping, and their architectural features.

Boyhood Home Of King Ludwig II: Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle was the childhood home of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It is located in southern Germany near the village of Fussen which is near the Austrian border. The castle was built where the prior fortress Schwangau had stood during the 12th century. Queen Marie continued to live there after her husband’s death, but she was not the last royal resident. After her death in 1889, Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria, King Ludwig’s uncle lived on the third floor of the palace. He ordered the installation of electricity, and he added an elevator in 1903. He lived just seven additional years. A year after his death, the palace was opened to visitors as a museum.

Fortified Monastery Of The Teutonic Order: Malbork Castle

Located on the Nogat River, the Malbork Castle has a long history. It was the monastic home of the crusading Teutonic Knights and was home of the Grand Master of the Order. During World War II, it took a hit and was severely damaged and nearly destroyed. The castle was later restored as a magnificent example of the High Gothic architectural style.

10 Weird And Crazy Laws From Spain

10 Weird And Crazy Laws From Spain

Spain has an old and rich heritage that spawned back in 1482. The name has transformed a number of times throughout its history, and it evolved as one of Europe’s powers in the 16th century. The country is famous for its chorizos, matadors, Mediterranean foods, and its diverse landscape in the world of sports. With all that history, it’s hard to remove all the dumb laws that were instituted over the years. Here are some of the weirdest ones in the books.

Can’t Walk Too Many Dogs

There’s a limit to the amount of dogs you can have with you at the same time. If there’s eight or more on your leashes, you’ll likely receive a penalty.

Keep Underwear Inside

Seville law states that people cannot hang “indecent” clothes on a line. This obviously includes any underwear and suggestive attire.

Danish Tourists Are Urged To Come To Spain To Have Sex And Get Pregnant

A tour company is encouraging Danish couples to head for Spain to get pregnant, and theyre suggesting that future grandmothers pay for the vacations. The clever new ad campaign is called Do It For Mom! and the video shows sweet gray-haired mothers-in-law who looks wistfully at baby photos and long for their adult children to make a baby, so that they can become grandmas.

The company promotes trips to sunny Spain, telling the viewers that Danes have 51% more sex when they go on vacation to a warm climate. The ad makes the point that Denmark needs more babies to keep its welfare system afloat.

In one adorable scene, the mother-in-law is unhooking the young womans bra as the couple are kissing, in an effort to hasten the process towards conception. The young husband looks at her briefly in shock and puzzlement. The Spies travel agency is making the deal attractive to the couples and wannabe grannies by offering a 1,000 krona ($120) discount if Mother books the trip.