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These In-Flight Meals Will Make You Want To Travel More. Yum!

Flying is almost always a headache. You have to consider your packing options before you make it to the airport. You need to then find a ride to the airport. When you arrive, you”re greeted by security lines that seem to get longer every time you travel.

Things don”t get much better once you find your seat. The best you can hope for on the long journey is a decent meal. If you”re flying the friendly skies with one of these airlines, you can rest assured knowing you”re in store for some good grub. We can”t help you with the crying babies and reclining passengers, but at least your stomach will be happy.

1. Delta


Scrambled eggs, potato wedges, sausage, fruit salad, granola bar, and orange juice.

2. TransAsia Airways

TransAsia Airways

Fruit plate with yogurt, granola, and a selection of breads.

3. Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines

Croissant, omelette, ham, toast, fruit salad, and orange juice.

4. EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet

EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet

Miso soup, salad, omelette, rice, pickles, and a seafood dish.

5. American Airlines

American Airlines

Lasagna, side salad, roll, carrot cake, and water.

6. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, fruit salad, and a bread roll.

7. AeroMexico


Ham and cheese sandwich, salad, chocolate cake, and a roll.

8. Kingfisher


Ragda pattice, chocolate cake, and tea packet.

9. Air Canada

Air Canada

Cheese omelette with spinach, yogurt, roll, and fruit salad.

10. DrukAir


Spicy tofu and vegetable noodles, fruit, yogurt, and a croissant.

11. Air France

Air France

Chicken, pasta, a roll, fruit salad, and a tart for dessert.

12. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Conchiglie in tomato sauce, a roll, side salad, pudding, and a bar of chocolate.

13. DrukAir


14. Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines

Salmon en croute, vegetables, a roll, and some fruit.

15. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Tuna salad with apple and celery, pork with chicken rice, and a green tea cake.

16. Lufthansa


Mezze plate, carrot and orange salad, rolls, and a tart.

17. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

Green tea, miso soup, beef and rice, and a seafood dish.

18. Korean Airlines

Korean Airlines

A vegetarian dish with fruit, pickles, and a roll.

(via BuzzFeed.)

I definitely need to start traveling more. Especially since these look infinitely better than what I had for lunch today.


This Bizarre Fruit Looks Like A Tiny Watermelon And Tastes Like A Citrus-Filled Cucumber

Check out these tiny grape-sized watermelons.


Cute, huh?


They’re called Cucamelons, or if you want to get down to specifics, Melothria Scabra.


They’re native to Mexico and Central America where they call it “sandiita” which literally translates to ‘little watermelon.’


They’ve been a part of Mexican cuisine for centuries and taste like a sour cucumber.


Thanks to its flavor profile, it’s earned the nicknames ‘Mexican sour gherkins’ and ‘mouse melon.’


These little tangy treats make a great addition to summer salads.


You can even use it to up your lemonade game.


Cucamelons are usually found at farmers markets, or if you’re the DIY type, you can buy the seeds online.


If you want to grow them though, be prepared for a ton of vines.


And a whole ton of deliciousness.

Top 10 Destinations on the US Travel Advisory List

The US Travel Advisory List is not a likely source of travel inspiration for most people, but for the more audacious traveler it certainly can be. At the time of writing, twenty-eight countries made the cut for a full-scale travel warning, and not just a travel alert. Travel warnings are deemed appropriate for countries that are seen as long-standing “no-go” zones, while travel alerts are generally only issued for a limited time. A travel alert may be issued to warn travelers of a disease outbreak or an approaching hurricane, but a travel warning may even mean that US diplomatic relations in that country have been shut down due to security risks.

There are some of you out there, and you know who you are, who get more excited about the possibility of meeting a Taliban member or witnessing an historic coup, than spending a week at a five-star beachfront hotel. You probably swung from trees pretending you were Indiana Jones as a kid, and your favorite Halloween outfit was to dress up as James Bond. If that’s you, you’ll be sure that at least one of these top ten destinations will make their way onto your next travel itinerary.



Take a ride on the wild side in East Africa. Tourism has been Kenya’s number one source of foreign exchange since 1997. Although internal security significantly deteriorated after the December 2007 election, most people would never guess that Kenya makes the US Travel Advisory List. Combine rugged mountains, colorful coral reefs, unrivaled wildlife parks, ancient ruins and the majestic lakes of the Rift valley, and you get the nature’s playground that can only be this East African country. Camp overnight surrounded by zebras and graceful gazelles in Hell’s Gate National Park for an unforgettable experience, or jump across the border into Tanzania for a quick jaunt up Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak.



This mountain country currently suffers from political instability as the king fired the government, and subsequently the government fired him. Things have certainly been a bit unstable in this Maoist led monarchy turned republic, but Nepal’s draw as a fairytale mountain kingdom still remains just as strong. Tour the old royal palace in Kathmandu, or partake of a breathtaking trek to Mt. Everest base camp deep in the Himalayas. Catch glimpses of crocodiles, dolphins and exotic birds in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve or witness the statue of the six-armed goddess Kali be bathed in sacrificial animal blood at Dakshinkali temple.



Admit it – you’d probably have trouble placing Uzbekistan on the map. This former Soviet republic makes the US Travel Advisory List because of the alleged terrorist activity on its soil. If you avoid border areas, and therefore avoid land mines, you’ll be sure to find Uzbekistan a fascinating country where East meets West. Russian culture combined with Islamic influence makes Uzbekistan unique. Marvel at intricate geometric patterns on sky-high minarets, or admire the traditional colorful dress of the Samarkand people. In summer you can enjoy trekking in snow-covered mountains, although temperatures can get as high as 50 degrees Celsius (122F) in the southern part of the country and 40 degrees Celsius (104F) in Tashkent.



Vietnam is an excellent destination for travelers on a budget. Boasting the rare natural beauty of mountains, grottoes, rock formations and beaches, along with the opportunity to witness a culture long closed off from the outside world, Vietnam should certainly be on your travel wish-list. Buy your very own water buffalo at Bac Ha market, or pay homage in a Hindu temple in Ho Chi Minh City.



If you can avoid being kidnapped and taken hostage, Colombia could be one of your favorite holiday destinations. Combine picture-perfect beaches, decadent night clubs, towns full of cobblestone streets, a snow-capped range of volcanic peaks and unparalleled natural beauty and you should have a top tourist hideaway. Unfortunately, the drug trade and Colombia’s image in the media does not attract many crowds to this Latin American beauty. Be one of the first to see Colombia for what it really is, a land rich in culture, art, history and undiscovered gems.

Saudi Arabia


The fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not grant independent tourist visas makes it all the more intriguing to go there. Just like their women, Saudi Arabia is a land cloaked in mystery and hidden behind closed doors. The home of Islam, oil wealth and endless sands has a lot to offer for the persistent traveler. Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina are off limits for non-Muslims, so unless you’re willing to convert there’s not much hope of catching a glimpse of these places. Conversion should not be taken lightly, as converting from Islam is considered as apostasy and can be punishable by death. Enjoy the sea breeze while strolling through the old city of Jeddah, explore the ancient ruins of Madain Saleh, marvel at the modernity of capital city Riyadh or take a 4WD tour through the perilous Empty Quarter.



Okay, so Cuba is not technically on the US Travel Warning list, but since US citizens are banned from Fidel Castro’s island abode, it certainly deserves a place near the top. American citizens, other than those granted licenses by the Treasury Department, attempting to visit Cuba from a third country could be criminally prosecuted upon return to the States. See if salsa is still alive in this communist nation, and enjoy sipping on mojitos by the white sands of the Caribbean. Plan your trip between December and April and be sure to avoid the hurricane season. Dance the night away in Havana and admire what remains of Cuba’s colonial history.



You’re sure to receive a warm welcome in the home of Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. You may be surprised but testimonies of many foreigners who have lived in Syria portray this as a place very different from merely a terrorist haven and staging ground for suicide attacks. Go straight back to Biblical times by traveling the Damascus Road, browsing colorful markets, exploring the ancient ruins of Palmyra or chatting with shopkeepers over tea. An added bonus is that Syria is dirt cheap to travel in and budget travelers can get by on about $25/day. For a mid-range traveler $40-$50 a day will go a long way and even afford you some creature comforts.



The land of the Silk Route, K2, Punjabi Bhangra dance and spicy biryani is a place that anyone with a thirst for the wild side of the world must visit. Peruse ancient forts, barter over silk saris in the fabled Anarkali market, or trek in any of the three world class mountain ranges boasted by this Islamic Republic. Gaze in awe over the greatest concentration of 7000m plus peaks in Concordia, or enjoy chai in a flower-filled garden surrounded by snowy peaks. The truly daring can tour Peshawar’s arms bazaar and try to help find where Bin Laden has been hiding out for all this time. Avoid expensive hotels, restaurants frequented by foreigners, public demonstrations and large groups of angry bearded men and you will find Pakistani people to be some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet.



Splendid Islamic architecture, amazing historical sites, and the sing-song sounds of Persian help make Iran the number one travel destination on the list. The difficulty factor is a huge draw, as currently it is near impossible for American citizens to get a visa without signing up for a costly prearranged tour and being accompanied by a government assigned minder. The 16th century Persian proverb, “Isfahan nesfeh jahan” meaning “Isfahan is half of the world” should be enough to entice you to this country steeped in history, culture and art. You’d do best to hurry up and find a way to visit Iran, before a certain government decides to send this nuclear armed country the way of Afghanistan and Iraq… or maybe even worse.


10 Of The Strangest Things You Didn’t Know About Air Travel

10 Of The Strangest Things You Didn’t Know About Air Travel

Every 3 seconds, an airplane somewhere in this world is taking off into the air and going towards a new destination. Since Orville and Wilbur Wright’s successful flight in North Carolina, air travel has become the most common way for us to travel the world. However, air travel has a dark side. There have been tragedies from terrorist attacks and airplane crashes due to natural causes that have made several people wary of getting into a big plane and flying at about 35,000 feet. But, whether you are brave or afraid, there is no doubt that air travel has become such an important part of our society that it is likely unavoidable for most people. Here are 10 of the strangest things you didn’t know about air travel.

Tomato Juice

According to scientists, tomato juice tastes better in the air. This is because the noise level on a plane influences people’s perceptions of taste.

Strange Money-Saving Methods

American Airlines made an effective cost-cutting decision by removing one olive from the salads and in fact saved $40,000 in a single year.

The Charms of the Spanish Lifestyle and the Influencing Factors

Nothing can diminish the global charm of Spain’s spectacular natural landscape. The exceptional way of life and the excellent climate also adds to the charming effects of the country which still receives up to 60 million visitors per year. The appeal of the country needs to be explored and studied in order to be appreciated. Once you get to know what’s so good about the country, it will surely be on your visit list.

The charm of Spain is influenced by the following factors:

Excellent Climate and spectacular Natural Landscape:

The southern part of the country is blessed with an almost perfect Mediterranean climate, which is sunny and warm from March. The warm days persist till October. Compared with those in the UK, USA and the Northern parts of Europe, the winters in Spain are pleasant thus guaranteeing you more comfort. The pleasant weather is perfect for the outdoor lifestyle. The ability to spend most of the daytime outdoors leads to a more socially connected society. Thus one can live the village life, the leisure life and the beach life. For sure, life in Spain is in no way dull. In addition to this great benefit is the reality that the Spanish landscape is spectacular and diverse. One can move from the beaches to the admirable mountain peaks in a couple of hours. Also you can visit a desert, wetlands, orange and olive groves and lush and the lavish vineyards within the duration of the day. Regardless what your individual preference in terms of natural environment and landscape is, you will get it in Spain. These factors make Spain a preferred nation with millions of travelers and tens of thousands of emigrants from across the world every year.

The Standard of Living:

The standard of living in Spain is high with everybody enjoying meals out and social time on a more regular basis. Education and healthcare are free for all the taxpaying resident citizens. Additionally, the country has some of the most exciting, fashionable, stylish and vibrant cities to benefit from in case you are looking for classiness in your life.

The Way of Life:

Possibly even more striking than the natural environment and the weather is the way of life that one can enjoy. The natives work to live rather than live to work every single hour of the day. This is the reason why Spanish lunch breaks are at least two hours long with the annual holiday entitlement being 30 days. Also you have at least 12 weekends to enjoy in case you live and work locally. With multiple fiestas and festivals being held throughout the year, they offer perfect excuse for a party. Also life isn’t taken too seriously, but it is lived to the fullest, shared and enjoyed with the people around you. This ensures that the way and pace of life are hugely enjoyable and also highly infectious. Certainly, one can’t move to Spain and not integrate or get involved.

Thus Spain allows you to enjoy the landscape, weather, culture and the unique charm that it has to offer. Additionally one can choose to base himself in a traditional small village or town. So, no matter where one chooses to live in Spain, you will still be able to experience the lavish and remarkable lifestyle the country has to offer.

People who plan to visit this wonderful country while visiting via the United States can apply for an ESTA, short for Electronic System for Travel Authorization 

Travel Spain Holidays – Trip and Vacation Guide

Travel Spain Holidays –  Trip and Vacation Guide

Travel Spain Holidays Advisor includes valuable travel preparation tips plus info on theme holidays: adventure, family adventure, bird watching, walking, fishing, horse riding, snorkelling, diving, mountaineering, super romantic vacations, special events … In other words not just another vacation experience,  but THE travel Spain holidays experience of a lifetime.



Spain as you never thought of it before: imagine a country where you can wander through the mighty hallways of ancient castles, listen to the chanting of monks in old monasteries, stroll along vast fjords and explore small fisherman’s villages where you will be welcomed with the fresh harvest of the last nights catch.  A country where you can run with the bulls, and fiestas and festivals are always in season. Where you can find your tropical islands, hidden hill towns and Roman cities and where mountains have snow way past Spring…

Spain can cater to all your travel needs, whether you are a daredevil and thrill seeker or whether you prefer a calm, tropical and leisurely beach vacation. As you can see links are provided to bring you directly to the place of your choice.

And maybe deep down inside you want to get away from it all and find a little piece of heaven for yourself and your family, a place where you can go to for some much needed rest and recreation now and then. Or maybe you are looking for a more permanent residence in the Mediterranean, be it to retire to or make a clean break and start all over with a new life in this Land of costa’s and sierra’s, where little places of paradise are scattered all over the blue and green landscape, waiting for you to be discovered.

Please subscribe to my newsletter, Travel Spain Holidays Advisor. It tells you each month about the new information that I have added to the site and it reveals some nice little traveller tidbits as well …


Travel Tips

Travel Tips: The Moment To Start Your Journey Is Finally There.

These travel tips make sure nothing can disturb your pleasure. Nothing will but bad travel preparations. Fortunately you are not alone in this and the checklist below will be your useful guide. In a glance you will see what you have packed and what still to do.

Of course they sell T-shirts on the French Riviera and yeah, they have ski glasses in the mountains of Vermont, but that is not really the point. Unnecessary expenditure is the last thing you want your vacation to start with.

Use the checklist and have a good and safe trip. The checklist can be used for any vacation, by car, by boat or by plane. Since there are no two persons or families alike I left some spots open so you can add your personal and special items.

Travel Tips: During The Trip

  • snacks for underway
  • pillows and blankets for the children
  • water ( to drink or refresh)
  • games
  • roadmaps/travel guide
  • paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper
  • address, phone number and directions to your destination

Travel Tips: Wardrobe

  • underwear
  • socks
  • trousers ( both formal and travel)
  • short(s)
  • T-shirts
  • dresses, blouses, skirts
  • sweaters
  • overcoat
  • raincoat
  • sportswear
  • hat or sun cap
  • gloves, shawl, warm hat
  • ski equipment
  • swimming wear
  • evening wear
  • shoes, sandals, boots, slippers and other footwear
  • pyjamas

Travel Tips: Never keep your ski’s together during the journey, mix them visibly with the ski’s of your partner, this will discourage potential thieves. 

Travel Tips: Bathroom

  • day- and night crème
  • cosmetics
  • sanitary towels
  • cotton buds
  • soap
  • bath and shower gel
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • body milk
  • sun protection
  • comb
  • deodorant
  • nail file
  • shaving gear
  • after shave

Travel Tips: Make sure there is something belonging to every traveller in every suitcase. That way if any of the suitcases ever get lost under way you still have a little something for everyone at hand.

Travel Tips: Travel Pharmacy

  •   motion sickness
  •   painkillers
  •   first aid kit
  •   insect repellent
  •   tweezers
  •   cotton buds
  •   lip balm
  •   something for the common cold
  •   your regular medication

Travel Tips: Make sure you have a prescription from your doctor with the dosage you need for any medication that you take. First of all you can get a replacement that way and secondly some countries won’t let you import some medicine unless you can prove you really, medically need them.

Travel Tips: Travel

  •   foreign money
  •   travellers cheques
  •   tickets ( don’t forget to confirm your flight back)
  •   reservations for hotel, rental car etc
  •   ID card ( EU) or passport and visa
  •   children’s ID card
  •   drivers license
  •   bank cards, credit cards, cheques
  •   useful phone numbers
  •   travel assistance phone numbers

Travel Tips: Never keep all your money or travellers cheques in one place. In the event of loss or theft you could lose it all in one go! Make copies of all important documents and keep them separate. That way you still have some proof of identity in the event of loss or theft of the original documents.

Travel Tips: Miscellaneous

  •   contact lenses
  •   rucksack
  •   beach towels
  •   photo, video
  •   mobile phone
  •   adapter for electrical appliances
  •   dictionary
  •   pocket knife
  •   sowing kit

Don’t forget:

  • put the address of your travel agency on your luggage labels. Just another way to avoid unwelcome guests at your home
  • give your holiday address to parents or friends
  • ask someone to water the plants
  • ask someone to get your mail
  • get a timer that will switch some lights on in the house from time to time just to mislead potential thieves
  • get someone to look after your pets
  • cut the gas, electricity and water but make sure the freezer and the alarm are still working

In case of damage or theft:

  • make sure you get a statement from the local police. If there is a hotel involved have the management prepare a statement as well.
  • If an airline lost or damaged your luggage ask them for the necessary paperwork
  • Keep any and all proof of things you had to buy to replace the lost or damaged property ( tickets, invoices, etc…)Don’t just throw those away.

    If you travel by car it is wise of course to have it checked by your dealer before you leave. It would be a shame if you got into car trouble because there is too little oil in the carter or a used tire. Check also if you got all necessary papers for the car: an incomplete set isn’t going to improve the mood of a policeman. As always don’t tempt faith and keep your luggage in a locked boot out of sight of thieves.

    With all these travel preparations in order I know you will have good and a safe trip.

Bareboat Charter in Spain

Bareboat Charter means that you are the skipper and in charge of your own yacht. If you have the necessary experience, this offers complete freedom to plan your own holiday to suit you and your party. The freedom to explore where you want, at your own leisure.

bareboat charter

bareboat charter

The ultimate in relaxation. Stay as long as you like, where you like. Moor in lively marinas such as Port Vell, Barcelona or stay on the anchor for lunch in your own ‘Cala’ (cove).

Sailing your own ship, discovering some of the best Spanish landscapes, visiting famous historical harbours, playing with the dolphins at the bow of the ship, snorkelling and swimming in turquoise seas, enjoying nice cocktails on board, tasting some local specialities in beach restaurants…that is the essence of bareboat charter. To take advantage of this, there are some basic qualification requirements:

Qualifications for Bareboat Charter

To satisfy the requirements of the Spanish authorities and also of the insurers, at least one member of your crew (the nominated skipper) must posses a basic level of proficiency.

For UK charterers, this will usually be an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). This certificate can be provided by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) to anyone who has passed an RYA Day Skipper level or higher course. The ICC can be provided, by the RYA, to a person who has passed a practical course such as Day Skipper or higher.

Your certificate and fee must be sent to the RYA, together with the appropriate form and they will send you the ICC. Alternatively, an ICC can be obtained from an RYA recognised teaching establishment by passing a practical test. Equivalent ICC qualifications from other countries are usually acceptable.

Skippered versus bareboat charter

For those who don’t wish to sail a yacht ‘bareboat charter’ themselves, there is always the option of having an experienced skipper to handle the boat. Skippered charter is a common option, where the skipper is onboard all the time. There is a further option, ‘Flexible Skippering’.

Rather than deciding before your holiday, you can decide on a day-by-day basis. A skipper can be provided for one or more individual days, as you require. On the other days, you can sail bareboat on your own. You may choose to have a skipper for the first couple of days, until you feel confident to go it alone. Or, for longer ‘hops’, the skipper can sail the boat whilst you relax in the sun.

Be aware that there is a limit to the distance the skipper can sail the boat each day. It is still the charterer’s responsibility to ensure that there is adequate time to return the yacht to the base at the end of the charter period.

Practical Instructions for bareboat charter

Prior to leaving you will obviously need to pack. If possible, use soft foldable storage bags as suitcases will occupy too much of your valuable space on board. Most of the time you will need normal informal holiday / beach wear.

Deck shoes are advisable when working on deck. Sun protection cream is definitely required. Most restaurants and night clubs are fairly relaxed in what you can wear.

Beach towels are usually provided by the chartering company, so you do not need to fill your bags with these. The member of your party designated as the skipper will need to bring his or her International Certificate of Competence.

Bareboat charter in Spain

Spain offers a wide range of sailing holiday opportunities. In mainland Spain there is the wild beauty of the Costa Brava or the sophistication of the Catalan capital Barcelona. The Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Minorca, and Ibiza are easily reached with low cost airlines, and offer bareboat charters, sailing schools, and flotilla holidays in relatively easy sailing conditions.

In the Canary Islands you can have yachts in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote. Only three hours by charter flight this is the perfect sailing destination to cure those mid-winter withdrawal symptoms, but best for experienced sailors because it is a bit windy most of the time and Atlantic rollers can be a bit intimidating.

Known as Islas Baleares in Spanish and Illes Balears in the Catalan language, the Balearic Islands are one of Mediterranean Europe’s prime vacation spots. The largest island, Majorca, is famous for its beaches and resorts. It is quite diverse, with towering mountains in the northeast, beautiful caves in the east, a picturesque coastline with cliffs and coves, as well as pleasant villages.

Majorca’s principal city, Palma de Mallorca or simply Palma, features an elegant Gothic cathedral, other churches and historic buildings, and a number of museums.

The Balearic archipelago has three other principal islands. The smaller island, Menorca, is quiet and tranquil with its many coves and fishing ports, and also has the delightful harbour at Cuidadela.

The last “invasion” Ibiza has undergone in its recent history is from tourism, which has become the islands main industry. The 1970s marked the start of a transformation that is still going on.

The arrival of many hippies in the 1970s was part of an important cultural change to the island which had begun with the arrival of a large number of refugee artists from Central Europe during the Second World War.

All these factors have given Ibiza the cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic character that it continues to develop nowadays, and have played a part in shaping the islands history.

The landscape of Ibiza shows is a mixture of pines, olive and almond trees, and together with Ibiza’s typical white villages, manages to form an enchanting picture. The harbour of Ibiza offers the yachting fraternity a good safe haven, and most harbours are free to moor.

Apart from its excellent marinas and anchorages, Ibiza is known for its colourful nightlife. Ibiza is also known as the Pearl of the Balearics.

Hotels in Spain

Spain hosts some of the worlds most spectacular hotels. 

For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit this website on hotels, apartments and Villas In Spain for more information.

  • Barcelona: Gran Hotel La Florida

    Gran Hotel La Florida is located on Mount Tibidabo with spectacular views over the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea.

    The luxurious hotel La Florida, originally opened in 1925, re-opened 78 years later on 29th April 2003, after having followed a renovation program that has not just re-captured but exceeded its previous magnificence and splendour. Many of the 74 rooms and suites offer private Jacuzzis and breathtaking panoramic views of Barcelona and the surrounding countryside.

    Extensive modern facilities include high tech conference facilities, fine dining in the L’Orangerie Barcelona.

    A generously equipped spa and beauty centre, a turkish bath, sauna, indoor/outdoor swimming pool and health bar, and a private club combine to create an unforgettable experience in one of Europe´s most exciting metropolitan destinations.

    Gran Hotel La Florida has a total of 74 rooms and suites, of which 52 are double rooms and 22 are suites.

    Eight of the suites have been specially designed, some by the international artists Rebecca Horn and Ben Jakober & Yannick Vu, others by renowned decorators and architects as Cristina Macaya, Hans Duettmann and Dale & Patricia Keller who also handled the interior design of the entire hotel.

    Hotels in Spain
    Hotels in Spain 

    Many rooms offer breathtaking panoramic views over the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. Some rooms have a private Jacuzzi and massive terrace gardens.

    All rooms feature the luxurious standards of a five-star hotel. They are comfortably and elegantly equipped with large double beds, spacious wardrobes, generous marble bathrooms with in-floor heating, heated towel racks, large mirrors, air-conditioning and heating, satellite large screen plasma TV, minibar, IDSL telephone and internet access, and a private safe.

    Guests can choose between a number of room categories: 31 Superior rooms; 9 Deluxe rooms, 9 Terrace rooms, 2 Garden rooms with Jacuzzi or Sea View.

    The suites deserve a category of their own. At Gran Hotel La Florida they include 15 Junior suites of which 3 have either a garden or a private terrace and Jacuzzi.

    Further to these there are 8 designer suites all of which exude the refined elegance and comfort of the La Gran Hotel La Florida

    For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit this website on hotels, apartments and Villas In Spain for more information.

  • Mallorca: Gran Hotel Son Net

    25 spectacular rooms and suites each individually decorated, a 100-foot swimming pool surrounded by private cabañas and gardens, open terraces and a century old olive press converted into a first-class restaurant all combine to create a wonderful, relaxed ambience in the heart of the Spanish Mediterranean.

    Hotels in Spain 
    Gran Hotel Son Net has a total of 25 rooms and suites, each baptized with a name from Mallorcan History.

    All rooms feature the luxurious standards of a five star hotel. They are individually decorated, comfortably and elegantly equipped, each room in a different colour combination.

    Hotels in Spain 
    Comfortable beds, spacious wardrobes, big marble bath-rooms with a floor radiator, a radiator for towels, big mirrors, full air-conditioning and heating, satellite TV, minibar, telephone and a safe box.

    Guests can choose between different room categories: there are four Studio rooms on the ground floor, six Superior rooms on the first floor and five Deluxe rooms on the second floor, overlooking the village and the swimming pool.

    The two Gran Suites have an exclusive location in two corners of the finca, with large windows and huge living rooms with superb views over the magnificent countryside, the third Suite is the Casita which is on the outer part of the house and has a private garden and swimming pool.

    The four spacious Royal Suites have private terraces or gardens, beautiful views, huge luxurious marble bathrooms, walk-in showers, jacuzzis and much more… The surface of the Royal Suites is between 130 to 150m2, and between 100 to 120 m2 for the Gran Suites.

    The restaurant L´Orangerie of Los Angeles, winner of several gastronomic international awards has reached an agreement with the Stein Group to be represented in the Gran Hotel Son Net since the 15th of March 2002. Memorable Mediterranean cuisine is served in L´Orangerie.

    The huge original olive press of Son Net has been refurbished and, after several centuries, it is at last able to produce olive oil again, although it is not being used for production.

    The L´Orangerie in Son Net offers the best quality, products and service based on Mallorcan cuisine. It´s fresh market products, Mediterranean ingredients and herbs masterly combined, produce the best creations, plate decorations and flavour for the most demanding palates.

    L´Orangerie´s exclusive wine list has all the best Mallorcan, Spanish and European wines.

    For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit this website on hotels, apartments and Villas In Spain for more information.

  • Madrid: Gran Meliá Fénix

    The renovation and refurbishment of the new Gran Meliá Fénix has brought major improvements to both guest rooms and public areas.

    Spain Hotels 
    215 comfortable guest rooms providing every one of the services and facilities that are expected from a luxury hotel, making the Gran Meliá Fénix the ideal place to stay in Madrid for the most discerning and distinguished visitors to the Spanish capital.

    The excellence of the hotel facilities and the superior quality standards of the highly personalised service the hotel provides are the most outstanding features of a hotel that after its recent renovation has been elevated to the very highest category among Sol Meliá hotels: a Gran Meliá, a collection of unique, select and exclusive 5 star deluxe hotels located in the heart of major international cities and in some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

    Spain Hotels 
    The hotel provides 215 guest rooms, all of them providing the very latest in modern technology yet with exquisite decoration, reminiscent of the finest English style of the 19th. century.

    All of the rooms are luxuriously equipped with a writing desk, three phones, CD player, electronic minibar, domotic control systems, Bang & Olufsen TV, Internet access and more.

    Exterior jacuzzi in the superior rooms. The hotel also provides Royal Service Executive Floor rooms with a private Reception area, butler service, pillow menu, private buffet and permanent bar amongst other services, as well as 16 Suites to satisfy the most demanding expectations.

    The hotel provides two magnificent restaurants, “Le Buffet” and our superb “à la carte” restaurant “Bendinat”, specializing in the traditional local cuisine of the Spanish island of Majorca with delicate touches of Mediterranean influence.

    The hotel also caters to the widest range of needs for special events such as banquets and business meals, as well as leisure events such as cocktail parties and theme parties and celebrations.

    In summertime, enjoy your dinner on the terrace “La Terraza del Féenix” right on Plaza de Colón square.

    The hotel provides highly personalised service of superior quality as one would only expect of a 5 star deluxe hotel bearing the name of a Gran Meliá.

    A Guest Relations team, butler service, secretarial services, the Royal Service Executive Floor … a wide range of highly experienced professionals paying the greatest attention to even the tiniest detail to ensure the satisfaction of our guests.

    The Gran Meliá Fénix also provides meeting rooms along with a Business Center  with Internet access, fax and photocopy service, translations, document printing, etc. Private car park for guests.

    For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit this website on hotels, apartments and Villas In Spain for more information.

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Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish Online

You can now learn Spanish online with Spain-Holidays-Advisor in co-operation with don Quijote language schools which provide intensive Spanish courses in locations throughout Spain. For example in the video below in Barcelona:

don Quijote Barcelona

 The fact that you are to learn Spanish does not mean that this has to be a boring exercise. Don’t think of it as stuffy or mouldy classrooms.

 What do you think of the following possibilities, all under “ Learn Spanish and Fun?”

  • Scuba Diving in Tenerife
  • Wine tasting in Salamanca
  • Arabic culture in Granada
  • Golf in Valencia
  • Dance in Sevilla
  • Cooking in Salamanca
  • … and the list goes on

These are just a handful of examples of how to combine your learning experience with a fun experience.

 And all this is the work of the don Quijote school: This school was established in 1986. They are exclusively geared towards teaching Spanish in Spain and Latin America and have become the leading specialist in this field. don Quijote operates its own schools in Spain and Latin America, giving it absolute control over the quality of the courses.

 The organisation also has its own information and enrollment offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and two Promotion Offices in Salamanca -one for the US market and another for the rest of the world.

 Approximately 500 language travel agencies all over the world offer don Quijote courses! 

Learn Spanish in Spain