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The 10 Cheapest Countries To Travel To In 2016

The 10 Cheapest Countries To Travel To In 2016

Traveling is costly and when people happen to be on a budget but would love to experience the magnificent wonders the world has to offer, Google is their best pal. Nowadays, budget traveling is a buzzword. It is getting to go to locations people want to go to without having to sacrifice their savings. Fortunately, there are many vacation destinations and nations people can go to that are both budget and tourist friendly. This list contains 10 cheapest countries to travel to this year.


Thailand has long been a favorite of backpackers and budget travelers, and nowadays its neighboring country Laos is getting more attention. Laos is cheaper than Thailand. People can find guesthouses for below $10 per night, and local meals will just cost them $1 or $2.


For travelers, Europe is generally a costly place, but Hungary is a different story. Even in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, people can get by on less than $100 per week if they manage their budget right. The flourishing hipster scene in Budapest means that there are many cool bars to check out, several of them constructed in old ruins, and people are going to want to hit as many of the bars as possible while they are there.

20 European Travel Destinations For Backpackers

20 European Travel Destinations For Backpackers

If you are planning a backpacking trip across Europe, this list was designed just for you! These destinations were chosen with the three B’s in mind: Budget, Beauty, and Beaches. The destinations selected for this list include rest stops in Bucharest, Kotor, Krakow, and Ibiza Beach.

Malta, Ibiza Beach, Tenerife, and Kotor are the favored beach destinations for backpackers on a budget. Bucharest is the cheapest backpacking destination while Paris is the most expensive to make the cut on this list; however, if you do your homework, Paris can surprisingly be an affordable destination as well. A European backpacking trip can be an exciting adventure in these 20 impressive locations!

Bucharest Is A Backpacker’s Delight

Bucharest, Romania, is not billed as a top tourist town for those not on a budget, but if you are backpacking and looking for a bargain, look no further than Old Town. It is estimated that you can spend a day in Bucharest and spend less than $30 for a bed and meals. The parliament building is one of Bucharest’s main attractions.

Kotor, Montenegro: Paradise Along The Gulf Of Kotor

Located in the Gulf of Kotor, the area is known for its rugged Mediterranean landscape. Typically, visitors arrive here via cruise ship, but it should be a favorite backpacking destination. There are plenty of medieval structures. Be sure to have your map handy, because the old city is built like a maze. If you make a wrong turn, you could wind up somewhere you never expected. And, expect it to be a challenge. The locals frequently make wrong turns!

12 Ways Traveling Can Boost Your Health

12 Ways Traveling Can Boost Your Health

Who doesn’t love a good trip? It’s a chance to unwind, meet new people, learn and experience new things, and check another one off the bucket list. From pursuing favorites hobbies such as skydiving in Switzerland or strolling through Parisian museums, to getting wonderfully lost on a drive between Santa Fe and San Diego or trying Mamma’s pizza in Florence, travel opens us up and heightens our experience of being alive. Did you know that it also boosts health, nourishes the immune system and mental state, and can increase your life expectancy? After reading this, you may find yourself booking a ticket or packing the car!

Better Perspective

You’ve probably been in a situation where you had a problem and couldn’t get away from it, no matter how hard you tried. Stepping away from a problem is often the best way to find a solution and there’s no better way to step away that to take a vacation. Time and distance can bring a new perspective on your problem. Most likely, you’ll return with an answer in hand or maybe with the realization that your problem wasn’t such a big deal after all. Problems often shrink while traveling to new environments since we are presented with new situations to navigate and have to more understanding of our lives by stepping away from them.

Catch Some ZZZ’s

Most people are sleep deprived. Although it’s recommended to get eight or more hours each night, many survive on less than seven hours. Getting adequate sleep boosts immune function, makes it easier to lose weight and helps with mental clarity and health. A vacation is a time when you can leave the alarm clock at home and regain all of the health benefits of getting those extra zzz’s.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Stress is an all too common word today. From taxing jobs and the day-to-day stresses of balancing work, family and home, many people aren’t even aware of this culprit until it compromises their immune system and steals their health. And, whoa, does it ever. It is now common knowledge that many health ailments and diseases are the byproduct of too much stress. Taking a vacation can take you out of the very environment that keeps you unable to relax and give you the healing, peaceful oasis that can calm your nerves and ease your worries. Vacations give you time to do all the stress-free activities that your heart desires: reading a book while lying on the beach, going for a long, leisure walk, or taking time to watch the sun disappear on the horizon.

Woman Travels The World Taking Selfies Using Drones

Selfies may be a popular form of expression or a way to show off but they have their weaknesses. Barring some creative measures, their range is limited to a photographers arm length, and as a result put major constraints on what one photo can show off. But one woman took those creative measures to heart. Now she has some friends to give her a helping hand.

Renee Lusano has visited eight countries, and intends to take a trip to Russia at some point in the near future. But she opted out of using mere selfies as a memento of her travels; shes long since taken to using drones to not only appear in her photos, but also get a good snapshot of the areas that surround her. In the designers eyes, getting good pictures and videos of the latter is much more important than the former. Her idea is to celebrate the places she visits, even if she has to send her drones high into the sky for the perfect photo op.

Lusanos the first to admit that her dronies come with a unique set of challenges. Maintenance of the drones and even making sure they stay in one piece tends to mean she deals with broken bots on a regular basis. Thats compounded by the fact that shes a traveling woman, and has to lug her machines wherever she goes. But given the positive responses shes gotten, the effort is clearly worth it.