Airline and Airport Tips

Airline and Airport Tips For Travellers

The world of airports and airlines can sometimes be a confusing and intimidating world. This guide will make you a lot more confident when dealing with them.

Airport Spain

Airport Spain

Hand luggage

It is best to transport valuables ( money, jewellery) and important documents in the hand luggage. Most carriers allow only one piece of hand luggage per person. This must fit in the luggage compartment in the plane. Except for that you are usually allowed a handbag, your tax free shopping, camera, umbrella, overcoat etc.. as well. Most airlinecarriers are not very strict about this hand luggage policy though.


For security reasons as well as in case of loss you should label every suitcase with your name. On top of that it is best to provide an extra label on the inside of the suitcase with your name and address.

Forbidden objects

Your luggage can not contain explosive, flammable of corrosive products. This includes: matches, aerosol cans, gas containers, bleach, batteries, etc…Are also not allowed : airbags (!), barometers and thermometers with mercury.


Make sure that any fragile items are well secured and that bottles containing fluids are separately packed and sealed in a plastic bag.

Weight (no not yours, of the luggage, silly)

Every carrier has limitations for the amount of luggage that you can carry (number of suitcases, weight, dimensions). It is best to consult your travel agent or the airline company. If you have excess luggage you can be charged an extra fee. You might want to consider to send large or very heavy luggage as air freight. Contact your airline company for details.

Passports and visa

Check that your passports are valid for the entire duration of the trip. Most countries demand that they be valid for an extra six months. The airline company can not allow you to board if these documents are not ok. If you need a visa make sure that you make the necessary arrangements on time, it can take up to a couple of weeks to get your visa. Don’t forget that children should have identity papers as well.


Make copies of all important documents and keep them separate. That way you still have some proof of identity in the event of loss or theft of the original documents. Some extra passport photographs can come in handy as well.


Some countries demand proof of inoculation or vaccination. Talk to your travel agent about this. It can be a good idea to have insect repellent, preservatives, sterile needles etc,… ask your physician.

If you have an ailment and are not sure if you can travel by air ask your doctor for his advise. Maybe the airline company must be informed so they can provide extra measures for your safety.

Pregnant passengers are not allowed to travel after the 36th week of pregnancy. After the 28th week they must provide a medical affidavit.

Make sure you have a sufficient amount of your medication(s). Bring a copy of your prescriptions and carry medication and prescriptions always in your hand luggage.